Discussion in Raj Assembly over the enrollment of Govt Officer’s Children in Govt Schools: NEENV


Jaipur: During the ongoing Assembly session Congress MLA stated the importance of NEENV Campaign by Rajasthan Patrika and its role to change the infrastructure of Govt Schools from past one year with the help of Right to Information and other tools. He also suggested that to make uniformity among students thee should be single design of school dress.


While criticizing the current education policies of BJP Govt, Dheeraj Gurjar. MLA from Congress party said that infrastructure of Govt Schools can only change if we succeed to enroll children of IAS and RAS there.


Earlier in the day Education Minister Vasudev Devnani said that Govt has successfully been able to appoint 32468 teachers over the span of two years. Also 150 posts for Zonal Education Officer has been filled. Minister also claimed to have promoted women administrators by formulating Departmental Progress Committee, for grooming and Skill enchancing of Principals.


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