‘Disability could not stop Rizwan from Aspiring High’: Ahsaas


Indore: ‘Disability lies in the notion not in the body’, believes Rizwan Khan who is a Chartered Accountant by profession whose left hand is polio affected. For Rizwan his disability is not his weakness but it moves him to work hard for himself and others. Right from the age of 6, he never allowed his disability stop him to aspire for new heights.

After completing his CA degree in 1999, he started Information Technology Resource Centre which has 850 centers all over India and other countries such as Srilanka, Nigeria, Tanzania. Every year 8000 students successfully complete their course and most these are assured with a job in IT, Telecom and Retail sector.

Another Specially Abled person is Santosh Gupta who lost his right foot in the childhood overcame this ability by turning his tri cycle into a moving shop in which he sells sweets and biscuits stationed outside Railway Station.



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