Digital Doors yet to open for PWDs in Rajasthan: AHSAAS


Jaipur: For Person with Disabilities the whole concept of Digital India has failed to make any difference, as they literally take rounds of Govt offices Disability commission of Rajasthan, as it fails to have a proper website. Prateek Agarwal and Sandeep Trivedi of Jaipur who are also visually impaired did a digital audit of the websites present. What was more shocking is that the commission not only fails to have its website but at the same time there is no provision for PWDs to access online schemes sitting back at home.

Despite of the funds allocated by union ministry of Social justice the department is yet to construct a proper website. According to the sources in 2013, centre allocated 13 lakh rupees for the construction of site but nothing has been done so far. Sharad Tripathi another Visually impaired researcher said, “Nowadays most of the VI look for the internet options but its very disappointing that none of such facility is available here in Rajasthan”.

Chief Commissioner Disability, Kamlesh Kumar Pandey said, “It is entirely state govts responsibility to construct a proper website. In the yearly meetings held in commission such issues are usually discussed and every regional office is been given the responsibility to make things available online.”


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