Despite scoring 91%, Pak-Hindu Refugee girl ‘Mashaal’ debarred from taking Pre-medical test


Jaipur: Two years back, with the dreams of better future for their daughter, a family left Pakistan and came to India. Their daughter ‘ Mashaal ‘ scored 91 % in the 12th boards examination but has been declined to appear in the Pre Medical Entrance Test as she doesn’t have Indian nationality. Once again, the issue of nationality of Hindu refugees is shattering many hopes. Her mother told our team that they have submitted an application to the Health Minster to allow Mashaal to appear in the entrance test under the quota marked for Pak Hindu Refugees/ NRI or special quota for Women. But they are still waiting for the hearing.

Back in Pakistan, Mashaal grew up facing the religious and cultural discrimination. With the hope of better life prospects, she came to India with her family, she worked hard, the language and education system was very different as she completed her school education till 10th from Pakistan. Despite the barriers, she scored 91 % in her intermediate examinations.

The family came to India on religious visa as her father was attacked thrice while living in Pakistan. In the end they decided to leave everything behind for a secured future of their daughter. But since then life has become a constant struggle for them. They don’t have identity proofs, because of that their driving license and pan card couldn’t be made. They save their earnings in their relative’s bank account as they don’t have one. They struggled a lot to get a job despite being certified Doctors. Now they work in a pvt. Hospital and their jobs are not well paid. Mashaal’s mother said that they have hopes that the central govt will understand the plight of Pak Hindu Refugees who left Pakistan for the sake of saving their religion and culture, and will grant them Indian nationality.

Activist Hindu Singh Sodha quoted that children like Mashaal should get a chance to make their careers. As NRI, a foreign student has to pay 30-40 lakhs to do MBBS. Mashaal’s family can’t incur such expenses. Such refugee  students should be admitted as Indian student.

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25 MAY,2016 JAIPUR

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