Decline in admissions in Mandasur as 10,000 sleave Govt Schools: NEENV


Mandsaur: ‘School Chale Hum’ scheme running in Madjaya Pradesh’s district Mandsaur is a complete failure as the numbers suggest that there is a huge dip in the number of admissions. This Scheme ‘School Chale Hum’ was formed by Govt of MP in order to improvise the number of admissions in Govt schools and aims to get all those children enrolled who are yet to find their schools.

However despite of lakhs of money spent on all the existing Govt schemes which are more visible on paper and less in the field. According to the data compiled by Education Department near about 22,000 admissions in the Govt schools have been reduced in just 2 years. The trend suggests that the dip has been witnessed mostly in the primary and Middle schools.

According to the figures, in the year 2013- 2014 total number of admissions were 127,570 however in the year 2014 – 2015, there was a further dip as the enrollments were only 115934 followed by 105,366 recorded in the year 2015 -16. Also in the schools which run from 1 – 8th , enrollment of students has been decreased by 9 percent.

Reacting to the issue of decline in admissions, education officer Anil Bhat said, “The reason behind the decrease in the number of admissions is the age bar of admission in private schools. Parents prefer to send their wards to private school which is why Govt school becomes second choice for most of the parents.

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