Debate rises within the Muslim Community as Rajasthan gets two female Quazis: LAADO


Jaipur: In a first Rajasthan got two Muslim Women Qazis three days ago after Jaipur based Qazi Jahan Ara and Qazi Afroz Begum completed two year training course from Darul- Uloom Niswan in Mumbai. Their Qaziyat designation is not inherited but they have earned it after successfully completing a course which contains Quran, Rights of Women Hadith and Indian Constitution. According to shariah Qazis are those who are religiously sound and the authority to hold Nikah and other Islamic rituals. At one end if the news comes across as a progressive one in Muslim community but at the same time Clerics are strongly opposing it.

The news has put a debate within the community. As moderate ones endorse their candidature completely calling it as a progressive attitude to bridge the line between men and women but at the same time hardliners are strongly opposing it. They believe that a woman can earn a degree but cannot be designated as Qazi because its against shariah and Quran.

Candidature of a Woman as practicing Qazi is not Acceptable:

‘Woman can never become a Qazi or officially hold this position as Islam does not allow this practice. Its clearly written in Qur’an, that woman can never lead in the religious matters they only have to follow a man. They can get all sorts of education but when it comes to practicing they are not allowed to do so.’ Quazi Khalid Usmaani, Chief Qazi Rajasthan

Muslim Men need to Change their Psyche:

‘This move should be welcomed. Muslim community needs such inspiring women who could an example for the future generation. In Toranto there is Woman Muslim Cleric who led the prayers and men offered behind her. In Mecca-Madina also Men and Women offer prayers together. Men need to change their perception and psyche. These two Qazis who have acquired the degree should be supported within the community.”  – Prof. Hasan , Retd Professor, HCM Rajasthan State of Public Administration

Progressive trend for Muslim Women

‘By becoming Qazi by earning degrees after thorough and in depth studies has made Muslim community proud. If a woman can become a pilot, A chief Minster, a scientist why not a Qazi? This is message for Muslim girls that they can also excel in the field of Islamic studies and reach to the herights’. – Asiya Siqqidui, Psychology lecturer, Jaipur

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