Commuters flout Traffic rules, Behave insensitive towards PWDs in MP: Ahsaas


Katni: Many incidence of flouting of rules in Madhya Pradesh roadway buses have been brought into the notice in last few months. Most of the complaints have been registered pin point towards the impartiality done towards Persons With Disability.

The pile of complaints strongly suggest that commuters not only flout the traffic rules but act insensitive towards Disable co passengers. Most of the buses have a separate seat for PWDs but it is occupied usually by those who are not disable. Most of the buses also have separate seating facility for women ad old citizens but none can be befitted because the other passengers occupy them.

But usually in this case both women and PWDs either end up standing or they prefer to get down due to inconvenience felt in the public transport. Most of the buses also lack Radium belts due to which during the nights it becomes difficult to get down or board a bus.
Complaints indicate that buses plying on the routes of Sagar, Rewa, Panna break the rules more often. According to the PWDs no action has been taken so far by the concerned department. However MD Mishra District Roadways Officer said, “We are trying to do our best and monitor each bus. If we keep on getting more complants we will be taking strict actions against the driver for mismanagement.

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