Changing lives through Education; Journey of Sattar Ahmed, a school teacher from Baghpat


Story of Sattar Ahmed :

Bilochpura village of Baghpat district is in news after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech on Balochistan. Since then, on every other day, there is a new story in media. There is another village ‘Kranti Gram Basod’ situated next to Bilochpura village, far from the limelight and media attention. In this very village, a remarkable story awaits to be told to the rest of the world: 

From last 20 years, a man named ‘Sattar Ahmed’ is working earnestly for education. Years back, He started a school at his place with 20 children, his dedication and efforts paid off and today there are 250 students in his school.

Sattar Ahmed thought of doing something for the panchayat in 1993. Ahmed a B.ED himself met guardians and motivated them to send their children to study at his place. Gradually, with his counselling and motivation, People started sending their children to his school. Journey started with 20 children, reached to 250 children. He also started a small library at his place. His students love his teaching methods. Today, most of his former students are doing well and working as teacher, IT professionals & Doctors. He says that the will to do something good for his village constantly motivates him. He further adds We blame bad education system but fail to make any efforts to improve it. If only one person from every village starts working for education as a social cause, society & country could progress in education sector.
Sattar Ahmed also runs a Stitching & embroidery center for women. He is rewarded by many institutions for his work. A local businessman Manchandra Jain is helping him in his work.

 Story and Images by: Rahul Pander, Anurag Anand and Abhishek Kumar

sattar ahmad story

story of sattar ahmad

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