Cancer is curable in comparison to other disease: World Health Day


Jaipur: On the occasion of World Health Day Patrika Media Action Group organised a lecture series in which senior Oncologist Dr. Umesh Khandelwal interacted with audience at Kesargarh and created awareness about Cancer, its symptoms and disease.

Talking about its risks and factors doctor said, “Awareness and timely medication is the only care for Cancer. Most of the worst cancer cases become difficult to handle because the detection is very late.” Insisting to eat healthy food, green veggies and fruits he said, daily chores and diet is one of the major factors which lead to cancer.



He said that cancer in women body is much curable as compare in men only if detected in time. Delay in marriages and having less number of children is also the major factor of breast cancer. He added , “As compare to Diabetes, Headache and Heart Disease, it is curable and better disease.”


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