Campaign Impact; Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj calls Mashaal, assures admission


Jaipur: ‘Vajood’, a campaign for Pak-Hindu Refugees initiated by Rajasthan Patrika Media Action Group made an impact as the central govt took cognizance in the matter and assured to take action. Dr. Ashok Maheshwari ( father of Mashaal) thanked Rajasthan Patrika for giving them a voice and writing about their plight. He told Patrika, which after reading the news in Patrika, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj called them and gave assurance regarding the admission of Mashaal into a medical college.Sushma Swaraj Called Mashal

“Mashal — Don’t be disappointed my child. I will personally take up your case for admission in a Medical College,” Swaraj had tweeted on Sunday.

On Monday, Swaraj had again tweeted,

“Mashal — I am watching you on CNN News. Please contact me on Telephone : 011-23794344. I am waiting for your call.” Subsequently, in a telephonic conversation, Swaraj sought Mashal’s certificates over email and offered her a seat in Karnataka.

The family is living in Jaipur for last two years and facing the issues of identity. They have written to the Home Minister, requesting for a long term visa. They also wrote to the Health Minister, asking him to allow Mashaal to appear in the pre-medical test. This positive impact has given new hope to other refugee families who are struggling for a better future. 

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31 MAY,2016 JAIPUR

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