Bus Stand and Parks inaccessible for PWDs: Ahsaas Audit


disability day Jaipur: Public Places of Jaipur, Educational Institutions, ATMs, Bus Stands and Railway station miserably failed to survive as ‘friendly’ towards Persons With Disabilities (PWDS) in sting operations carried under the Ahsaas Campaign. Now MAG team also conducted an accessibility audit with the help of three physically disabled students and teacher from Umang. The Volunteer team of PWD went to three places such as Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Nehru Children Park and ATM Kiosks.

PWDs find Bad Response at the ticket Counter

The entrance to the Sindhi Camp was not only rough but it took extra effort to make wheelchairs move as stones were found disability 3lying in the middle of the pathway. Neha, Karan and Jayanti found the response of the Roadways employee a turn off. Despite calling for help at the ticket counter, none of the people present responded in time. The difference between the wheel chair and the counter window was too high.

Though the toilets for Specially abled persons were present at one of the platforms but at the same time those were inaccessible. The incorrect alleviation of ramp made it impossible for Neha and Jayati to enter inside. They reached to the entrance of these washrooms only after their wheelchair was pushed from behind by three persons. The gates were slightltyy narrow hence making it difficult for a wheelchair user to move in the alley.

Granite Stairs make ATMs unfit for disabled

disability day 2Two ATMs situated outside the Sindhi Camp Bus Stand were found totally unfit for disabled persons. The ATMs not only lacked the ramps but Granite stairs made walking a slippery task. Meenakshi Srivastava of Umang said that the height of an ATM ought to be at level with wheel chair so that PWDs can make their transaction easily. She also stressed that use of Granite in the stairs could be avoided and a proper ramp is mandatory.

Mobility inside Nehru Garden premises is uncomfortable

disability 4The Umang team later reached the third destination, a park situated on the Tonk road. Entry through the main gate made them wait for 15 minutes till the guard arranged a key. Roaming by their own inside the park was not feasible as there were huge pipes lying in the middle of the pathway which blocked the way. The park has a toilet designed for PWDs but at the same time when Neha reached outside the washroom she was unable to use it as there was already a normal person using it. The guard present there asked her to wait for 25 minutes. The washroom lacked handrail and was not spacious enough to turn a wheelchair.

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