Braving all odds, PWDs teach Govt School Children: Neenv Extra Class


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Jaisalmer: Braving all odds, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) taught Government school children under the initiative Neenv Extra Class launched by Rajasthan Patrikas Media Action Group. By teaching the kids, they not only offered their services to society but also inspired others to come forward and teach in the nearby schools.

Inspiration for all:

PWDs visited various primary schools in Jaisalmer and its nearby areas such as Mohangarh town, Pokhra, Ramdevra, Chandan, Nachana and taught class up to 3. Besides the course mentioned in the syllabus, they also made efforts to teach them basics of English and Hindi language. Their presence not only made an impact on the school authorities but also helped to mobilize citizens from all walks of life to come forward and share their knowledge with kids. Seeing the overwhelming response of students they promised to visit the schools soon and continue to teach.

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jaisalmer 27-11-15

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