Brain of a Visually Impaired Student works faster than a computer!


Satna: Pradhyuman Kevath, 10th class student, a visually impaired by birth has set an example by showing his wit and wisdom in the field of Mathematics. His brain is faster than a computer. He recalls Mathematical tables till 20 on his tip of tongue. This inspirational story came into light after KK Arya a leading bank manager happen to visit a Govt School to teach students under NEENV campaign where he studies.

Pradhyuman’s father is a farmer and hails from a labour class. He is not only hardworking but also inquisitive and ready to learn new things. According to his family members whatever one narrates to him he remembers it thoroughly. Few days after discovering Pradhyuman’s unexceptional abilities, CWSN an organization working for disabled students offered him a place to live in their hostel.

At present Rajasthan Patrika’s media Action Group is running two parallel Campaigns NEENV and AHSAAS which aims to improve the status of Govt Schools and Persons with Disability.

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