Believe ME..I am GOVERNMENT School of Rajasthan, 55 children 1 Teacher sit under “CHAPPAR”


Patrika MAG ran NEENV campaign last year to improve Govt schools in Rajasthan. Schools without Toilets, Water, Playgrounds, Buildings, SMCs for namesake and lack of Teachers emerged big issues. Fortunately, many schools have improved since but many like this Primary school in Sarvariya File village of Doyatara, Abu Road is one among those unfortunate ones with 24 Girls, 31 Boys, and One Teacher but without Building. Children might be excited about studies, but the system appears callous still.

Positive Citizen Action:

We are exposing harsh realities to demand improvement and set right the wrong done in past. Fortunately, enrollment of children is increasing in Rajasthan remarkably with 9 lakh plus more students in Govt schools and lot of Buzz around issues raised including powerful policy orders for schools without own land and SMC meetings. But realities must change fast to offer best of education through biggest pubic education network of the world.

Poor Sarkaari school India

मैं छप्पर वाला सरकारी स्कूल …अब कुछ दिन मिलवाऊंगा अपने जैसे और साथियों से…झोंपे, पेड़ और टेंट के नीचे पढाई की छाँव ढूंढते बच्चों से। फ़िलहाल मैं आबूरोड के दोयतरा में सरवरिया फली गाँव में 3 साल से हूँ इस हाल में। 24 बच्चियों, 31 बच्चों और 1 शिक्षक के साथ।

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