Its not EYE but just Cornea, So its easy to Donate: AHSAAS

Cornia need is 2.5 Lakh but only 50K are donated yearly


Jaipur: According to 2011 census, there are 50 lac visually impaired people in India. Many of them can get their eye sight back but due to misconceptions about eye donation, their world is still in darkness.

Patrika -MAG has launched an awareness campaign on Eye Donation to promote the cause and motivate people to go for eye donation. Here are some interesting facts about eye donation:

  1. Eye donation is actually Cornea donation. After the death, only 11-13 mm part of Cornea is taken from the donor, not the entire eye ball.
  2. People who can not see from birth, can not get treated but other type of blindness can be treated through Keratoplasty.
  3. Presently, 2.5 lac corneas are needed but only 50000 corneas are donated every year.
  4. Corneal blindness is increasing by 25000 per year.
  5. Cornea transplantation is called Keratoplasty. In the year 2015, 30000 Corneas were transplanted.
  6. The cornea is removed through transparent membrane and it is known as Button Technology.
  7. During Summers, cornea can be donated within the 4 hours of death and in winters within 6 hours of death.
  8. The target is to collect 50000 cornea in the year 2016-17 but only 8371 corneas have been donated up till June 2016.



Awareness about Eye Donation

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