Autistic people shout for their rights and empowerment on World Autism Day: AHSAAS


Jaipur: Stressing on empowering autistic people through appropriate education and employment opportunities, every year World Autism Awareness Day is marked on April 2nd Rajasthan itself has hundreds of Autistic people who not only struggle with their disability but also fight for their rights.
According to Sunita, a resident of Jagatpura and a mother of 6 year old son suffering from autism such cases are not only neglected everywhere but also receive an indifferent treatment from people round them. She said, “Whenever I used to take my son to Delhi for the treatment instead of helping us in public transport they used to stare at us and even at most of the times conductor used to stare at us”.
The experience of most of these parents point that Autism is not only a different kind of disability but is also a costly affair. According to a Mansarovar resident Rashmin Verma whose son Vivek is Autistic, most of the Govt Hospitals fail to cater to the needs of Autistic people hence one has to knock the doors of a private clinic. It costs around Rs 3,000-4000 every month.
In JK Lone hospital every month approx 20 new autism cases arrive every month. Some of the patients prefer to look for a remedy through NGO and private hospital. Many of such patients after their preliminary check up are shifted to Mental hostel at Jamdoli . If figures are to be believed there are 475 Autistic students studying in Govt schools of Rajasthan. But most of them don’t get reservations and other facilities which is meant for Physically Disabled People.
The future of Autistic people is also in the doc most of them discontinue their studies beyond a point also there are no carer or employment options available for them. In such situation Akshay Bhatnagar is a first graduate in Rajasthan despite being an Autistic. But hes yet to get any job or support from the government.


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