An initiative of state govt to bring down infant mortality rate


Jaipur: To control the Infant mortality rate and to prevent malnutrition, the state govt has prepared a scheme. Under this new scheme, 1965 birth centers of the state will have a ‘Breast Feeding Service Room’, where every new mother will be trained about breast feeding and to take care of the newly born. Lack of training and guidance becomes a hindrance for new mothers as they couldn’t feed the infant properly and due to this fact infants don’t get adequate nutrition.

These service rooms will also provide the training to take care of the baby including guidance and tips related to health issues of the infants.  In this initiative, ‘ Amrit Kaksh’ ( special room for training) will be opened at every centre, where trained staff will guide the mothers. Not only the mothers but members of family will also be trained to take care of the baby. As quoted by Devendra Agarwal, Coordinator, Amrit Kaksh Yojna, Rajasthan : “ For an infant, breast feeding right after birth is very important. Through the Breast feeding service room, we can curb the infant mortality rate by 16 %.”

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