Albert Hall not Accessible for PWDS, reveals an audit: AHSAAS


Jaipur: In an Accessibility Audit conducted by Umang an NGO shows that one of the oldest Architecture murals of Jaipur Albert hall Museum is inaccessible towards Persons With Disabilities. Near about 23 physically and mentally challenged students of Umang pointed out few lacunae at this museum due to which the movement inside is not smooth.

The ramp that has been constructed is not friendly at all and most of the students complained that it was steep and not friendly for the wheelchairs to move inside the museum courtyard. Students could not go to first floor as there is no lift and ramps.

When museum attracts art lovers and experts from all over the world to study the miniature paintings, it is really sad that some students from Jaipur city can’t even see them which is a part of their syllabus. The Audit reveals that the museum lacks documentation of antiques in Braille languag


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