About MAG

WHY and WHO are WE?

Media Action Group LogoMedia Action Group (MAG) is an initiative of the Patrika Group of Newspapers which aims at maximizing the potential of media as an active agent of social change.
It is increasingly recognized that the role of media goes much beyond reporting the news. It extends to mobilizing public opinion and action in pursuit of developmental goals. In this direction, MAG has evolved into a platform to facilitate systematic research and proactive intervention geared towards realizing the goal of holistic and inclusive development with a special attention to the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society. MAG aims at fostering dynamic collaboration with civil society, public and private sectors to improvise ideas, models and practices calibrated for maximizing social good. It works by promoting a spirit of civic responsibility and active volunteerism for mutual benefits targeting the larger goals of Development and Democracy.


In conflict-ridden societies, it is imperative for media to extend its role to become an active agent in the process of change, which is inclusive in nature and exclusive in efforts. Media Action Group (MAG) is a multi-pronged media initiative combining grassroots communication, socially relevant research and transformative intervention.
This wing is born out of deep concern for human development to fulfill communication needs and offer scope for delving deep into the new paradigm of society media interface. Media Action Group (MAG) entails engagement of masses and exploration of the communication needs of the society with the help of its strategic partners. We have been exploring and designing communication campaigns to connect citizens for development initiatives and using media as a powerful tool to motivate and mobilize concerned citizens and multiple development messages.

We also see MAG as a division exploring and experimenting with new media strategies to have meaningful contribution with a measurable outcome.


A better world, a better India and an independent media house that is a beacon of light.


To conceptualize and implement development campaigns and projects by harnessing the network, distribution, penetration and the influence exercised by Patrika and bringing together stakeholders including social investors, philanthropic and grant capital, thus creating a financially sustainable model with triple bottom line impact.

Core Values:

  • Innovative Media Strategies with multi-pronged approach to Development Goals
  • Development Communication using Communication as a social tool
  • Interventions with Policy Targets for larger and durable impact
  • Citizen Connect for Action and Change and Active Partners in the Process
  • Collaborations for Democratization and Replication of Efforts
  • Inclusive Nature, Exclusive Effort with core focus


  • To promote a comprehensive vision of human development that places the well-being of the people at the center of all efforts; and the achievement of justice, peace, and equity among humankind.
  • To promote research and action for human development by strengthening a relationship between media, public participation, governance, and democracy.
  • To undertake and promote media capacity building, organize training and experience exchange; and on the job learning to further human development.
  • To work with individuals, institutions and other stakeholders to assess and analyze key issues in human development to help prioritize action agenda to support implementation.
  • To identify and document best practices, tools and methodologies for media action for development, democracy, and public participation.
  • To engage people and partners for ground and policy action using the tool of media as magic multiplier and motivator.

Focal Fields

  • Human Development
  • Democratic Values and Voices
  • Citizen-Driven Change
  • Sustainable Living
  • Good Governance
  • Environment and Health
  • Education of the Poor

Media Intervention Methods

  • Editorial Campaigns
  • People Engagement
  • Society Media Interface
  • Citizen linkage for Cause
  • Research and Evaluation

How we Operate:

We are a registered community organization working with the strength and partnership of a newspaper group. The newspaper group has already been actively serving the society through its social wings meant for campaigns, movements, community mobilization, charity, and service. Media Action Group in its multiple and unique roles has also footed as an Execution body of registered Society meant for community service with different objectives. The intent is to extend the role of media with systematic research and action intervention by offering a platform for Social and Development Support Communication.

Registered Bodies for operating funds:

  • Patrika Manav Mitra: Its a Rajasthan based nongovernmental organization registered under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958 and also registered under the section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961in 2005.The Manav Mitra Sansthan is engaged in sustained work focused on water harvesting, restoration, plantation, health. This arm with grassroots approach earns its strength from Manav Mitras, the volunteers and mobilize the public for the issues of social relevance.
  • Janmangal Trust: Its a Rajasthan based nongovernmental organization registered under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958 and also registered under the section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in 2008. Patrika has offered to help hand to millions of readers on different occasions. It rushed humanitarian aid to uncountable victims of natural calamities and man-made disasters e.g earthquake, flood, war, cyclone etc. It took a lead for charity and mobilized the publicto raise a relief fund for the victims.