Abandoned by family, a 10 day old baby girl found dangling over a tree: LAADO


Sawai Madhopur: As the morning sets in instead of a bird chirping from the branches of an old tree situated in the chowk of Bhawada village, passerby’s hear cries of a newly born girl baby. This 15 day old girl baby abandoned by her family was put in a cradle like thing dangling on one of the tall branches approx 8-10 feet high.
According to the first reaction by the passerby’s, looking at the cradle and baby inside it looked the heinous act ha been committed a night before. Apart from the baby inside the cradle was found a bottle of milk, a black wrist tied on her tiny wrist and warm soft blanket keeping her warm.
Without delay people took the baby to a nearby police station and later from there she was sent to the community health centre where the baby was further put under the supervision of doctor. Later the doctor said that ‘Those parents who are not willing to keep their babies instead of throwing them away they should look for a ‘Palna Ghar’ care centre where abandoned babies are collected.

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