A School in MP Once Awarded as best is now in a Pathetic Shape: NEENV


Bhooti: Surrounded by the dingy shops which sell, chicken, meat, fish etc makes the school premises of Primary school in Pichor district stinky. This school which lies in the suburbs of Shivpuri lies in a pathetic condition, with no water crisis, destroyed boundary wall etc. With an absence of proper boundary wall cattle grazing is spotted. The place has become vulnerable as roadside pickpockets also make their entry.
Mahesh Gupta, Headmaster of the school while reminiscing its hay days said, “The school is in its worst state after the thunder and lightning of June 2013 completely changed its state. School administration has several times wrote to the Education Department but no relief has been given so far.”

Despite  being awarded by a local organisation for providing best facility to the students, children now have to walk for near about 1 kms to bring water to their campus everyday. School administration is also trying to remove the shops from outside the main gate for the better hygiene e facility of students. Even after the local SP agreed to certain points nothing concrete has been delivered so far.

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