“For bringing change you don’t need great position or large money, just a Vision. Udaybhai, an auto rickshaw driver of Ahmedabad is actually proving this phrase. He calls himself Ahmedabad No Autowaalo who is spreading love and awareness through his amazing auto-rickshaw ride. He offers a full day and half day heritage tour of Ahmedabad in his concept auto-rickshaw, covering all the common and less visited yet interesting places of the city. If you want to have a good look of Gujarati culture and heritage this auto-rickshaw ride is a must try.

He wears khakhi kurta and has completely redesigned his auto. It has a dustbin, a small library, food box and a water bottle to make your ride comfortable and unforgettable. It also has an Akshaypatra bottle in which he donates a rupee after every ride, which is then used for purchasing food for poor.


Udaybhai says, “I feel good when passengers feel satisfied and smile during the ride. We are here for spreading love and I have chosen my rickshaw for this purpose. I don’t like people throwing waste on streets during the ride and so I have installed the dustbin in my vehicle.”

People like Udaybhai are great inspirations for us. Installing dustbin in every vehicle could be a great step towards making our world a clean place.

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