A minor who withstood with courage gives a lesson to rapists: LAADO


Jaisalmer: One year ago an untoward incident changed the life of a 8th standard girl of Balad Gram Panchayat in Jaisalmer after two people kidnapped and ruthlessly raped her as she was returning to her home after appearing in the annual examinations. On March 18, 2015, on a Spring afternoon, unaware of what will happen next this young girl was walking in a playful mood on a deserted road leading towards her house when this shocking incident took place.


This incident left a permanent scar in her life but by not getting much affected externally this young girl showed courage when she knocked the door of a nearby Police station on the same day. After filing the FIR police arrested both the convicts and held them inside. Instead of locking herself inside her home or getting mentally disturbed she instead appeared in the examination, slated for next morning. With the support of her family she withstood and successfully passed the examination and got into class 9th.

In an immediate action both the rapists were held in the police custody. Among the two, the convict who was married committed suicide in the jail itself. He is survived by a child and wife who now live under pathetic condition inside a worn out hut. The other convict who has been released two months ago, is facing a social boycott in his village.

According to Dr. Priti Jacob, Health officer , in such cases minor goes through a prolonged trauma and stress, which is overcome by either Mental or Psychological therapy. She asserts that in this case the victim has shown great courage by revolting back without loosing her mind.


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