VISION 2025 Proper training is the key to progress


Jaipur: At the Vision 2025 meetings for the workers from unorganized sector one thing that they unanimously demanded was proper training and better education for their children. They wanted govt. to open more ITIs, especially in rural areas. Govt. should fix minimum daily wage at Rs.500 per day and as and when govt. increases salary of its staff, labor charges should see an increase too. Some kind of retirement benefits for those who have worked for 9, 18 or 27 years. Self-employment schemes and professional training for those who have lost their jobs was also part of their vision.

People still waiting for basic necessities

People of Jaipur demanded basic necessities like water, roads, free electric connection and minimum 12 hrs electricity, doctors at the govt. dispensary and a job training center at the panchayat level in the Vision 2025 meeting held in Jhotwara constituency. They wanted govt. to revise Land Acquisition Bill and stop unnecessary acquisition of land. Farmers should be compensated properly and get at least 50% of the developed land.
Representatives should meet the voters regularly and listen to a problem in his constituency and ensure solutions for them. End corruption was the unanimous meeting

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